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7 thoughts on “CONTACT

  1. Hey there gorgeous cellist…About time to contact you again…too many years going by, then the kids are in college and..wait, shit, Ashley is turning 24 and finishing college in Mexico.
    Do send a quick news about your little Leonardo da Senza, who I’m sure is driving REAL trucks already. Marie and I are living in Portland still, loving it, just finished a substantial house renovation and addition. Played all last year fulltime with the Oregon Symphony and established Portland Cello Project as major indie player (on Kill Rock Stars label). Doing that coffee thang commercially, yet artisanally, just moi. Still super close with Barth, one of my java heroes. Haven’t been back East in 4 years. Have a small concert series here called Red Sneaker Project (started by a friend violinist/actor)…has a MySpace page I think. So I continue to be a soul sistahman with Red Collaborative…guess I still need the eggs. Much love to you, rock star…write me!

  2. I have seen your work at the Local 111 resturant….. they gave me this website information to review…. list availability as of 2007..

    Is this current… are you gallery represented and or is on line current.

    Interested in current availabilities and or how you work/sell your art.

    Thanks in advance,


    • You may purchase work you see here online or by visiting the studio in western Massachusetts.
      Please let me know which pieces you are interested in and I can get you some prices.
      All best,
      Also, please note: I am donating 36 works of art to the Walk Unafraid Silent Art Auction happening on November 1st. It’s a rare opportunity to collect my work at a great price while also supporting a great cause.

  3. Wow! I just viewed your work for the first time. You are an amazing artist and your paintings are beautiful and inspiring. Where can I view your landscape paintings in person? Thanks, Diane

    • Hi Diane,
      Thanks for writing.
      You can see my work at Berkshire Art Kitchen in Great Barrington MA.
      It’s a unique gallery/studio/art salon in western Massachusetts that I opened a year ago. See:
      I’m having a blast with it, and it has been very well received by the community and collectors from beyond the area.
      You can also see all the work I recently donated to an auction at:
      to help raise funds for an anti-violence program I’ve developed.
      I welcome your feedback and your visit!
      Best, Gabrielle

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