The Promise of Light

The Promise of Light II, limited edition print by Gabrielle Senza © 2007

We are pleased to announce the release of two limited edition prints by internationally recognized artist, Gabrielle Senza. The archival pigment ink prints, known as giclées, feature a painting from the artist’s popular “Promise of Light” series.

“The Promise of Light II” prints are based on the second painting in the series – a striking golden river view featuring a distant range of the Berkshire hills and a cluster of trees standing along the embankment. With poetic wisps of grasses and river plants in the foreground, the scene offers a peaceful spot to both rest and meditate.

The artist is releasing the print in two sizes. A large print featuring a 20 x 40 inch image of the painting in an edition of 20 prints, starting at $2,500 for the first 10; and a smaller print, measuring 11 x 22 inches in an edition of 50, starting at $1,000 for the first 10. Each print is hand signed and numbered by the artist, and further individualized with some additional elements drawn into the print with graphite.

Gabrielle Senza’s collaborators on the project are photographer Gregory Cherin and master printer Fred Collins of Berkshire Digital.

For more information, contact the artist by phone 413.717.0031 or email

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