Antarctica Temporalis

For many years, I’ve been creating site-specific wall drawings whose completion is defined by ultimate and total erasure. This process represents my deep concern for the untimely disappearance of all things beautiful. On the glacier, my body heat melted the ice beneath me, unwittingly impacting the natural environment. And thus evolved Antarctica Temporalis, a collective call to action.

Gabrielle (Jo) Senza


What is Antarctica Temporalis?

Inspired by a life-changing trip to Antarctica with 160+ creative change-makers, researchers, thought leaders, health professionals, climate experts, investors and innovators, I’ve recently committed to turning my creative focus back to an eco-art project I started in 2012, known as Terra Temporalis. This time, however, I have a much bigger vision and a more urgent mission.

Using the power of ephemeral art and science-based education, each Antarctica Temporalis installation aims to melt away the paralyzing overwhelm that is keeping people frozen in fear.

By providing awe-inspiring art, uplifting presentations, and tangible action steps anyone can take, Antarctica Temporalis not only inspires, but empowers people of all ages to engage in taking climate action now, while there’s still a window of opportunity to draw down carbon emissions and limit global warming.

3 Weeks to Create • 3 Hours to Erase

Over a period of several weeks, I create an enormous site-specific wall drawing using powdered graphite.

Two countdown clocks emphasize temporality. One marks the three month life-span of the drawing; the other marks the 6+ years remaining to reverse the climate crisis.

While on view, Antarctica Temporalis serves as a backdrop for a series of educational presentations featuring artists, musicians, climate activists and scientists who speak to the existing window of opportunity for people-powered change.

Finally, in a ceremonial event, I complete the project. And the drawing vanishes.

The destruction of my work is both symbolic and inevitable, the project itself provides inspiration, motivation and hundreds of specific actions anyone can take to slow down the climate clock.


Using the power of ephemeral art & education, each Antarctica Temporalis installation serves to inspire and empower millions of people of all ages to take climate action.

Project Duration:

3 Months per location

Advisory Team:

Murray Hidary
Robin Jaffin
Dr. Mark Hyman
Alex Reczkowski
Dan Ruderman
Ilana Siegal
Joseph Wheaton
Bradley Zeke