Gabrielle Senza is a transdisciplinary artist who exhibits, lectures, and performs internationally. Her work is included in MoMA New York, Whitney Museum, and Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry. Begun in the early 2000’s, her socially engaged art initiatives, including Walk Unafraid, Seeing Red, and The Collaborative Scroll have toured through cities in the US and Europe and earned her awards from Transart Institute for Creative Research, the Puffin Foundation, Assets for Artists, and MASS MoCA among others. In addition, she has been invited to collaborate with V-Day, Open Engagement, and the International Human Rights Art Festival.

Gabrielle is a ZK/U Berlin Fellow (The Center for Art & Urbanistics) where she first launched Invisibility Lab in 2017, a participatory multi-cultural creative research project that investigates the phenomenon of invisibility and aspects of the unseen. In 2018, she organized several public activations in partnership with FOR FREEDOMS to drive civic engagement through the arts with the 50 State Initiative, and co-created QUILL HOUSE, a new multi-media performance on identity, invisibility, and the search for self in a world fraught with injustice that premiered at the International Human Rights Art Festival in New York.

As an educator, Gabrielle has taught courses at Cooper Union, Bard College at Simon’s Rock, IS 183, Flying Cloud Institute, Norman Rockwell Museum, among others. She is also a former gallery owner, curator, and published art critic. More details are available on the curriculum vitae included below.

Gabrielle is a US-based artist who started her professional career as an artist in 1987 and had her first solo show  at OK Harris Gallery in SoHo in 1991 at the age of 23. She currently divides her time between the Berkshire mountains of western Massachusetts and a converted silo in Berlin, Germany.

Working across disciplines to investigate the phenomena of invisibility, her creative research examines what (and who) is seen, hidden, acknowledged or ignored in contemporary everyday social, political and environmental situations. Through installations, multi-media performances, and civically engaged art, Gabrielle’s work addresses environmental destruction, corporate greed, domestic violence, sexual assault, racism, xenophobia, political oppression, and social injustice. Committed to building a world where everyone can walk unafraid, she choreographs interactions that invite viewers and participants to question the world around them, and by doing so, become creative researchers actively participating in the cross-cultural study of the unseen forces that currently influence the world around us.

. . . . . . .

View Gabrielle’s C.V. here.


3 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Gabrielle,
    I love your work. I used to live in Gt. Barrington, but now live in Wilmington, NC. It is like pulling teeth to get an art center going here, but we are trying.

    I also admire your activism. I am pretty much on the same page, even though I am 66 and work part time at the Home Depot here as a lighting specialist.


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