Terra Temporalis I

Site-specific temporary wall drawing created for the Everhart Museum in Scranton, PA.
2011 © Gabrielle Senza


Terra Temporalis

Drawing on the vulnerability of ecosystems around the globe, and the sometimes desperate feeling I get when I hear yet another story about the systematic destruction of the natural world around us, I chose to create a work of art for its impermanence, rather than for longevity, to reflect the temporal aspect of this fragile planet.

The contemplative, silent grandeur of Nature, existing so peacefully around us while graciously providing us with the means to survive and benefit from it’s beauty, is in jeopardy of total destruction due directly to the self-serving, ungrateful whims of mankind.  This earth – this one precious planet that we all call home – is being annihilated.  It is up to us to reverse the damage, to heal the earth and to honor it for the abundance it has provided us before it is too late.

I created Terra Temporalis using my bare hands to apply graphite powder (one of the earth’s softest forms of carbon) directly onto the museum wall over a period of ten days.  In January, when the exhibition closes, the wall drawing will be painted out.  Like Nature and every moment that exists, it is ephemeral.


I am very grateful for the generous support of  Savoir Faire for supplying the graphite powder for the Terra Temporalis installations.


The Terra Temporalis Projects have been made possible with the generous support of our friends.


Everhart Museum, Scranton PA, 2011

The Everhart Museum embarked on funding the first Terra Temporalis installation through Kickstarter‘s crowdfunding platform.
It was a first for all of us and we successfully made our goal.  Here are the many folks we have to thank for supporting the first exhibition of the Terra Temporalis Wall Drawing Series:

Our Kickstarter Backers

Nina Davidowitz
Michele Hughes
Lois Hobbs
Alan M. Gross & Skip DeeAnna Drumm
Jessica Coville
Mary Campbell Case
Rebekah King
Joseph Curtin
Kevin M. Smith
George Gomez
Claudia Naismith
Jean M. Shields
Mark DeStefano
Eleanore Ginader
Joyce Lomma
Earle Wooten
Joe Wright
Katherine Weis
Patricia Preate
Deborah Preno
Tom Williams
Eric DeLuca
Richard Guditis
Janet Flack
Lois Kearney
Flora Karam
Allison Maslow
Valentine Pfeifer

Additional Friends

Shirley Paukulis
Shane Riorden

Special thanks to the Documentary Team:

Meryl Joseph – Documentary Filmmaker & Director
Ian Ryczak – Videographer
Justin Kraky  – Photographer

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