BLOG: An Explosively Creative Year


It’s been an explosively creative year!
Here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on. . .

The year saw me stretch into new areas of creative expression – blasting into totally new territory for me – in addition to creating installations, drawings and paintings, I pushed myself to explore performance, video, music, spoken word, sound and dance – combining many of these disciplines with the intent to create more experiential expressions of my ideas.

I’ll give you a quick rundown. . . Just over a year ago, I put Matteo on a plane for Paris and used the two weeks he was away as a self-imposed Artist Residency @ Chez Moi.  During that time I created several new pastels, prints and drawings.

In July I premiered my very first performance piece called I Tuoi Segreti for the Berkshire Fringe Gala and in August I spent two weeks in Scranton PA creating a temporary site-specific wall drawing with graphite powder and my bare fingertips called Terra Temporalis for the Everhart MuseumSavoir-Faire generously donated the materials for the project and support for the project came from donations from several individuals (maybe even you!) through our crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter.  I was also lucky enough to find Ian Ryczak who generously gave more than 30 hours of his time to videotape the creation of the work over the 2 weeks I was there as well as the destruction of the piece when the show closed at the end of 2011.

In the fall I created 2 more temporary wall drawings – one as part of my solo exhibition of paintings, drawings and pastels at Sanford Smith Gallery in Great Barrington; the other for Jim Benson’s YBar in Pittsfield.

In September I celebrated my birthday by launching a new business called Computer Tutor Gals – a team of tech-savvy tutors who teach individuals how to master their electronic devices.

From the beginning of December into February I was busy renovating my new studio and shared workspace for professional creatives called ELEVEN.

In February I started taking a singer-songwriter class and have written a fair number of new songs, including some about domestic violence, Hurricane Irene, and deep friendship.

March was a busy month with the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers, and I was honored to be a speaker on two panel discussions about the film called Miss Representation.  In addition, I spent two weeks in Vermont creating the 4th Terra Temporalis installation, this time in the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, as part of the exhibition “Bridging Earth and Sky”.  Also in March, I began Co-Hosting with Seren Mastriani, Radio 2 Women on WBCR-lp, an award winning program featuring guests talking about issues pertaining to women.

In April my work was included in an exhibition called Inside/Outside at Thompson Giroux Gallery in Chatham NY, and in June it went to SoHo for a  group show called Arcadia at OK Harris.

Several articles and a couple of features came out in papers around Scranton, Brattleboro and the Berkshires.

This year I spent much of May devising a soundscape for two cellos working with a couple of professionals – Francis Morris and Beth Craig.  It was for a beautiful play called Isis-Chernobyl, A Tale of Uncertain Fruit.

I was also invited to start writing a column in the Advocate on being an artist, activist and single mother, and have published two already.

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