4 Women Standing Nude

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, September 12, 2006:

Lauren Clark Fine Art presents “FOUR WOMEN STANDING NUDE”, an exhibitio of figurative works exploring the physical and emotional realms of the human body by Berkshire-based artists, Jeanet T. Ingalls, Mara Lefebvre, Matuschka and Gabrielle Senza.

Opening on Saturday, October 7th, and running through October 30th “FOUR WOMEN STANDING NUDE” features works in a variety of media including, painting, drawing, collage and photography.

Each coming from diverse backgrounds, the four artists find a common thread in this most fundamental of subjects, the body, as well as having their own unique perspective and motivation. All emotionally wrought, these images chronicle and celebrate the human condition from a woman’s point of view – sensuality, abandonment, despair, sexuality, body image, loss, desire, love.

In addition to their visual observations and life experiences, they have much to say (verbally) on the subject as well. Says Ingalls in her revealing artists statement “My pieces reflect femininity, vulnerability, beauty and love, or lack thereof. At present my art is about being strong willed yet fearful of uncertainty, and the flirtatious possibility of life in general. In my portraits and figures are contorted hardships and struggles and the biomorphic effort to transform into discovering myself. I am fascinated with the past and ruins…things standing after a catastrophe, marked by time and age…becoming it’s own patina…it clearly stands and it’s real”. Somehow, beautifully, all this and more is portrayed in her texturally intriguing mixed media paintings.

Almost ironically, as the two are not acquainted, Matuschka’s photographic images of herself before and after her real life catastrophe involve physical depiction of the very ruins Jeanet speaks of. Commenting on her series “The Ruins”, Matuschka says, “The female figure for me has always represented the core of being. A world of safety. A woman may explore the traumas and broken romances of the outer world, but she can always retreat to the warmth, fertility and nourishment of the form that is her own”.

A quote from Mara Lefebvre’s artist’s statement offers “The collages I create are my personal visual diary. Through their construction I’m revealing what has happened in my life – pain, joy, screw-ups, successes, obsessions, desires. This process allows me to reflect, explore and express the essence of suffering and healing in my life.”

Finally, the immediacy of Senza’s untitled self portrait series reveals the challenges of personal experience, and “delves into the underworld of sexuality, vulnerability, regrets and triumph.” Senza continues, “These works are for me, transformational – teachings of the subconscious, a realm where we often fear to tread, but can reveal untold secrets of the past, present and future.”

“FOUR WOMEN STANDING NUDE”, is on view Oct. 7 through Oct. 30, 2006 at Lauren Clark Fine Art, 402 Park Street, Housatonic, MA.

A Preview is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 6, 5-8pm as part of aHa’s (Association of Housatonic Artist’s) ongoing “First Fridays” series.
A Reception for the Artists will be held on Saturday, Oct. 7, 4-7pm. Both events are free and open to the public.

Lauren Clark Fine Art, formerly known as the Tokonoma Gallery, opened in May 2006. The gallery features a diverse collection of fine art and design led craft by a variety of artists, both locally and internationally known. In addition, the gallery offers fine custom framing, an essential part of displaying artwork that can dramatically enhance and transform the artwork and its surroundings. Lauren Clark Fine Art Gallery’s on-site studio offers museum quality framing with
over 1,000 styles of moulding to choose from.

For more information call Lauren at 413.274.1432 or visit http://www.LaurenClarkFineArt.com.

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