Background (Part I) SPAZI

Curating Exhibitions & Events ~ A Brief History of Happenings @ SPAZI Contemporary Art

Renovations of 4,000 square foot raw mill space at the Barbieri Lumber Mill begins.

October/November Housatonic Artists, group exhibition

November Cacophony, group exhibtion
December/January The Eclectic Chair, group exhibition

April/May Locomotion/Local Motion/Low Commotion/Loco Motion, group exhibition

May/June Poetic Landscapes & Outdoor Sculpture, group exhibition
July/August Dreams & Ambiguities, group exhibition curated by Barbara Green
July Art World Truths: Art Critic, Carol Diehl speaks of personal journey through the New York art world
August Music in The Mill: Baroque Cello and Harpsichord Concert
August/September 3 Way Objects: Cynthia Atwood, Beck Balken & Ruth Green
September/October Mia Münzer LeComte: From Paradise to a Crazy World
December/January Mirrors by Artists, group exhibition

April/May Warner Friedman: Paintings

May/June Jarvis Rockwell: Toys
May/June Stephanie Jo Smith: Domestic Chaos
June/July Reginald Madison: Twenty Years of Painting
June/July Jim Toia: Vines
August/September Lavada Nicholls: Iconographs
August/September Lucio Pozzi & David Wynne
October Provincetown Artists (no boat paintings), group exhibition
October Season Synopsis, group exhibition
November Anne Arden McDonald: Recent Work from Eastern Europe
November A History of Fantasy & Staged Photography: a Slide Presentation by Anne Arden McDonald
December Books by Artists, group exhibition

May/June Jane McWhorter: Here and There

May/June Women’s Work, group exhibition
July Growing Up Racist: A Black Comedy About White South Africa by Nuyorican poet Evert Eden
July/August Nuyorican Poets Café: Artists & Performers
July An Evening of Brecht, Eisler & Rilke: Songs, Scenes & Poetry
August/September Singular Imagination: an exhibition of Outsider Art curated by Phyllis Kind
August/September Alternative Photography by American and European artists curated by Anne Arden McDonald
October/November At Play: Bob Hepner & Ezra Maurer, curated by Jim Toia
Nov./December Bobbie Crosby: Tyringham People

May/June Elio Ciol: Nero, Bianco & Colori

May/June Warner Friedman: Cut-Out Paintings of the Seventies
July/August Small Works at Spazi), group exhibition
July/August Margo Davis Hollander: Contemporary Botanicals
August/September Symbols of Civilization: Recent sculpture by Joe Wheaton
August/September Death of Marat & Other Master re-Works: Photographs by Carole Palermo Schulze
September/October Western Vignettes & Artists’ Spaces: Photographs by Lindy Smith

June/July 22 Tattoos: Photographs by Kent Noble & Mark Perrott curated by Jessica Coville and Gabrielle Senza

June/July 87 Inches of Toast: New Work by C. A. Cundiff
July/August New Breed of Painters: 5 Painters from Florence, Massachusetts
July/August About Chairs: a multi-media group exhibition
August/September Jim Toia: Recent Work in Earth Mediums
August Anthony Crisafulli Talk on installation artist Jim Toia
August/September Dorothy Arnold: SCUD Paintings and other works

January/February Image + Text at the Rathbone Gallery, Russell Sage Jr. College, Albany, NY, group exhibition co-curated by Gabrielle

Senza and Rathbone Director, Jim Richard Wilson
April/ May Photo Open 1996, group exhibition
May/June Bruce Ackerson: New Paintings
May Music in the Mill: A Classical Guitar & Cello Performance
June/July Selections: Artists from the Kim Foster Gallery, NYC
July/August Palmae: Recent Work by Lloyd Gunther Dallett
August/September Czech Photography Today, curated by Anne Arden McDonald
August/September Geoffrey Moss: New Work
October/November Carole P. Schulze: Recent Photographs
Nov./December Arlene Santana: Quarry Paintings

July – September New Work by SPAZI Artists

New Artists: A Baker’s Dozen, group exhibition
Sept. – Nov. Naked Landscapes, Interpretations, group exhibition
Oct. Gabrielle went to Rome Italy for a two month residency (staying on an extra seven months)

April – Gabrielle returned briefly to Housatonic and dissolved SPAZI Contemporary Art before returning to Rome
July – Gabrielle moved back to the United States and maintained her studio in the Barbieri Mill in Housatonic until summer 2001.

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