Erotic Empowerment

We are passionate about the work we do and we think you will be too!
~ Dan & Gabrielle

Gabrielle (she/they) identifies as a queer pleasure activist adept at seeing the unseen and making the invisible visible. She is a compassionate disruptor dedicated to lighting people up and promoting a healthier, more loving and just world through creative engagement, performance art, writing, speaking and coaching.

Dan (he/him/his) finds joy in helping people find their passion. He skillfully and warmly combines NLP, Hypnosis, Accelerated Evolution, and the Erotic Blueprints™ to create and hold spaces where profound change can happen.

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Erotic Empowerment for Individuals & Lovers Desiring to Level Up Their Pleasure Potential

What is Erotic Empowerment Coaching?

First, we start with where you are right now and move gracefully toward a pleasure-first orientation. What is your current relationship to pleasure? How intimate are you with your own body? What turns you on? Is there anything missing from your sex life?

Erotic Empowerment Coaching helps you to:
– develop a deeper relationship to your own eroticism
– explore pleasure in all its emotional, physical and sensorial realms
– discover your own unique Erotic Blueprint™ and how to get it fed
– master the delectable language of arousal
– communicate your desires and what turns you on
– learn to expand and feed all the Blueprints – yours and others

What is standing in the way of having the erotic pleasures you desire?

Sometimes the spark of arousal can fade.  Even when it comes to self-pleasure. Sometimes we can feel disconnected – from our body. From each other.  From each others’ bodies. It’s possible we don’t know where or how to begin.  

Let’s explore the territory of arousal together. By learning to use the Erotic Blueprints™ you will discover your erotic potential and experience life as never before.

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The heart asks pleasure first.”

Emily Dickinson